About us

We are a family-owned company founded in 1959 based in Buenos Aires.

About US

Third generation of leading raw material suppliers.

We are a family-owned company founded in 1959 by Mr. Adolfo Longo and Mr. Wilson Soler in the neighborhood of Saavedra, a residential area located in the northern part of the city of Buenos Aires.

Today, the third generation of the family continues to maintain a strong track record of growth and sustainability with the aim of evolving in the national and Mercosur market, enhancing the development of various sectors through the import and distribution of industrial inputs.

Our strategic partners

High Quality Standards

Always focused on optimizing the quality of our services.

Market trend

We focus on the changing needs of products and technologies.

Qualified Information

We provide qualified information from our specialists along with updated tools for business innovation.

Guarantee and Safety

We import raw materials for various industries and have a large local stock and our own logistics.

Strategic Alliances

We are the link between leading brands in the market and various stakeholder groups through our Trader services.


To consolidate and expand the business of marketing and distributing raw materials for the rubber, plastic, graphics, food, and footwear industries, fostering commitment and the continuous professionalization of our collaborators.


Provide an optimal standard of quality in our services with a focus on technical advice, personalized treatment, commitment to deliveries, and always maintaining availability of our products. Attentive to the new market trends to meet the changing needs of products and technologies throughout MERCOSUR.

Our Values

Each activity of our company is transversally affected by the Values of:

  • Unity, seeking synergy between internal and external collaborators,
  • Harmony, knowing how to work as a team,
  • Equity, understanding that in all relationships the best is sought for each stakeholder,
  • Honesty, a principle that governs not only the company but the individual behavior of each collaborator,
  • Commitment, in order to achieve better labor practices.
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