Plastics and Thermoplastics

We distribute a wide range of thermoplastics and innovative thermoplastic compounds for the market, distinguishing ourselves by providing excellent service quality and technical advice based on the properties of our materials and their specific uses. Material engineering is optimized in the formulation of each process for which we are trained, working closely with our clients.

thermoplastic / ABS

ABS 750 SW

ABS (Acrilonitrilo Butadieno Estireno) are engineering terpolymers with excellent mechanical and chemical properties. They are high-impact and high-flow, designed for injection molding, chrome-platable, and compatible with polar resins and rubbers. Commonly used in the automotive industry, household appliances, electrical boxes, dashboards, faucets, and motorcycle parts.



Polypropylene copolymer resin grade 8, for injection molding manufacturing.

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