Rubber / Process Aid

Disecal C

The use of DISECAL-C is crucial in processes where vulcanization occurs without pressure or at very low values. In such cases, when the moisture present in the raw materials vaporizes due to the vulcanization temperature, it promotes the formation of pores in the piece, resulting in an increase in volume with insufficient curing, leading to variations in the shape and properties of the piece.

We recommend using DISECAL-C in vulcanization processes such as air tunnels, Rotocure, salt baths, etc. Its use is particularly important in rubbers that are likely to have a detrimental amount of moisture. DISECAL-C yields advantageous results in the vulcanization of large-volume pieces where the migration of moisture from the compound to the surface is challenging, thereby preventing the formation of pores.

  • Polvo fino
  • Blanco
  • 75
    Porcentaje de Oca, min, %
  • 1
    75 Retenido Malla 200, %
  • Bolsas de 30kg
Rubber / PROCESS AID 301

Modified Acid Esters and Polyesters

It is an internal lubricant, viscosity reducer for all types of rubber and E.V.A. This product is known for being environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

  • Polvo fino
  • Blanco
  • 55-61
    Punto de fusión, °C
  • 5
    Indice de acidez mg KOH/g, max
  • 0,01
    Cenizas max, %
  • Bolsas de 25kg

1- Improves mold flow.
2- Enables better dispersion of fillers and pigments.
3- Reduces energy consumption and mixing temperatures.
4- Enhances demolding, especially for complex designs.
5- Does not alter the scorch time rheometric curve.
6- Decreases viscosity.
7- Prevents swelling in the extruder nozzle.
8- Eliminates sticking to mixer rollers.

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